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Web Design, Applications, and Programming Portfolio

Below you will find a list of a few of our past or current web design, applications, or programming projects. These were chosen at random and do not represent anywhere near the number of clients we have served. Some clients have specifically asked that we not include them in our portfolio and others have made so many changes to their web design or layout that we feel it no longer represents our quality of work. We are eager to provide you with a custom web design, application, or programming solution for your company or organization. Read More...

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apple_01 apple_02 apple_03 apple_04

September 2010 - The 4pp13 Team needed a custom web design appropriate for their audience as well as some special "extras". We started out by creating a custom web design that would appeal to their viewers and placed it on top a content management system which will allow the 4pp13 Team to make changes or add new content without needing any special web programming or design skills. One of the requirements of the client was to have a user management system that could link up with their future plans for an iPhone / iPod iOS application. They also requested a user points system which would allow registered users to earn points by completing offers. Points could then be used in the future iOS application. The user management system would also allow the users to rate and review downloadable items as well as participate in the forum in discussions with other users or to request support from the team. Finally, a custom advertisement solution was put into place that allowed for the 4pp13 Team to bring in revenue to help pay for their operating cost.


  • Custom web design place on top a CMS
  • Custom backend database for storing download counts, ratings, and comments
  • Custom user management system with integrated user points module
  • Ability for future applications to access / manipulate user points, download counts, ratings, and comments
  • Integrated forum
  • Frequently Asked Questions component
  • Custom publisher advertisement solution
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July 2010 - North American Flight Center requested a custom website design to promote and inform the public about their flight training programs. With no special or custom programming involved, this is an example of a basic "static" website designed primarily for promote and provide information.  The custom web design was placed on top a content management system which allows the organization to make changes and add new articles or news stories very easily and without any special web programming knowledge.


  • Custom web design place on top a CMS
  • Custom news rotator for displaying the latest news and announcements on the front page
nafc01 nafc02 nafc03
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tecnam_01 tecnam_02 tecnam_03 tecnam_04 tecnam_05

April 2010 - A worldwide manufacturer of small aircraft, Tecnam, contacted us to design their website and some custom built solutions for their new North American headquarters. The design was based solely upon input from the client, however, our web designers took on the responsibility for pulling it all together with the custom programmed "extras". One of the client's requirements was to have a dealer and service center locator. We implemented a back-end database to store the locations, contact information, and coordinates and created a front end script which would pull that information from the database and place designated icons on the map. When a user first visits the locator, the search location is automatically pre-filled with the current location of the user. The user can then optionally type a new location to search from, select a radius, and press search to show the nearest location(s). Our client also wanted a private area for aircraft owners, dealers, maintenance and service centers to log in to. We created a fully unique customer management system and restricted area portal. The client (or dealers) can enter new owners into the customer management system. Those owners would then get an activation e-mail instructing them on how to use the private log in system. Tecnam North America can use the system for providing private news in the restricted area portal for any combination of user types as well as creating public news items which not only show to everyone who uses the private log in system, but also on the main website. Tecnam North America also uses the system to upload private files available for download to owners, dealers, or maintenance and service centers. In the future, the client would like to use the locations of all sold aircraft to display a map of North America with markers designating their current locations. The database system was built with that in mind, as well as offering the ability to expand in the future with other functionality ideas.


  • Web design based of specific client instructions
  • Custom database for dealer and service center locations
  • Custom designed front-end dealer and service center locator
  • Custom back-end database for customer management
  • Restricted area portal for private news and private downloads
  • Ability for future applications to access / manipulate information in the database
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July 2007 to Present - Doug and Kevin Lawrence, known as Lawrence Brothers Promotions, LLC decided they needed a website for their public relations and marketing company for hair care and fashion industry professionals. Due to the industry they are trying to promote and the audience they are trying to appeal to, they needed a very flashy and interactive website. We met this demand by offering the Lawrence brothers a fully customized Adobe Flash based website. By using the Adobe Flash technology, we were able to provide a stunning custom web design. We integrated in different types of custom slide shows with music as well as videos that showcased the models and stylists they work with as well as events that they've hosted. The Lawrence brother's website continues to grow and takes new shape with each new year.


  • Highly interactive and flashy custom web design using Adobe Flash and XML
  • Attractive photo galleries and videos for promotion
  • Other static content and custom contact form
syl01 syl02 syl03 syl04 syl05
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jwright01 jwright02 jwright03 jwright04

September 2008 - Jennifer Wright has been in the realty business for a long time and finally decided it was time to "get with the 21st century" and get herself and her associates an online presence. Jennifer required a custom design that could integrate her freshly redesigned logo. She also wanted the ability to place listings that her and her associates are selling directly on her website, rather than just linking to the local MLS system. We placed a basic custom design on top of a very powerful yet simple to use content management system which is geared towards realtors. Jennifer and her associates can log in to the administrative end of the website and easily create new listings, upload photos, and provide information about the properties they are selling without any special web programming knowledge. We also added some static content such as the company's history, biographies, testimonials, and helpful links for those who have just moved to the area or are looking at moving to the area. Later, we added a search for that would allow visitors to search the entire REIN Multiple Listing Service directly from Jennifer's website. This keeps Jennifer's contact information in front of the user no matter which property they were looking at.


  • Basic web design place on top a realtor content management system
  • Custom link to REIN MLS system, which kept client's contact information in front of the users at all times
  • Static content to inform the user about the company, associates, as well as provide useful information
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December 2007 - Appraise Lynchburg requested a basic website which would give them an online presence as well as the means to provide customers with information about their business, their coverage area, contact information, and a method to allow customers to submit an appraisal request directly over the internet. The coverage area viewer was custom programmed using Adobe Flash / Flex technology which allows for easy zooming and panning on the large coverage area map.


  • Custom web design to match the business type
  • Custom programmed full screen coverage area viewer
  • Custom web form for taking appraisal requests
  • Static content areas for displaying information
applyn01 applyn02 applyn03


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plugin-params01 plugin-params02

Many web developers are looking for an easy way to block certain countries, states / provinces, regions, zip codes / postal codes, and/or area codes from accessing their Joomla website or specific pages / areas on their website (such as login or registration) while still allowing IP address / IP range exclusions (such as search engine bots). With our Joomla plugin, you are now able to block access to your website based on Geo-location information. Simply install the plugin, enter the areas you would like to block, and you're done. Blocked visitors will either see a basic textual block message or they will be redirected to another URL; both of which are configured in the settings.

On the other hand, if you have a list of only approved countries, states / provinces, regions, zip codes / postal codes, and/or area codes, you may enter those to specifically allow them and block all other areas (new in version 1.1).


  • Apply to the entire website or to a specified subset of pages (new in version 1.4)
  • Block website access by country
  • Block website access by US States or provinces
  • Block website access by Zip Codes or Postal Code (including the ability to enter an entire range)
  • Block website access by Telephone Area Codes (including the ability to enter an entire range)
  • Alternatively, allow only a list of pre-approved areas and block all others
  • Exclude IP addresses or range of IP addresses from being blocked using comma separated values, dash separated ranges, CIDR ranges, and wildcards (new in version 1.2)
  • Check visitor's IP address once every 15 minutes instead on every page load to improve speed and lessen server loads (new in version 1.1)
  • Display blocked message to website visitor or redirect blocked website visitor to another internal or external URL. NOTE: If you've setup the plugin to block the 'Entire Joomla Website' and you want to redirect to an internal URL, make sure you exclude this particular URL from blocking by placing it in the 'Pages to Exclude Restrictions' text box. (new in version 1.6)
  • External server look-ups mean you get the most up-to-date information without any manual updating or subscription fees
    By default, the plugin uses an external server to look-up geographic IP address location data which is updated once a month. The database is over 99.5% accurate on a country level and 79% accurate on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius. This requires that your web server supports cURL on port 80 (most web servers do). The plugin also gives you the option of manually downloading the geographic IP location database periodically and uploading to your own server. This allows you to use a more accurate version of the GeoIP database. However, the external server look-up is very fast, very accurate, and is adequate for most users.

The plugin has been programmed and tested with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.1, and 3.2. Feel free to test in other versions of Joomla and report back to us so we can update our information. Feel free to test in other versions of Joomla and report back to us so we can update our information. If you have problems with the plugin in other versions of Joomla and would like us to update the plugin for your version of Joomla, contact us.

Database Cost:
Optional access to the external server which looks up the geographic IP address location data requires a monthly payment of $5 per month (or $48 per year) per domain to cover bandwidth and server resources. If you choose to run the plugin using the local server option, you will need to obtain a copy of the GeoIP database (paid and free versions available) from MaxMind and periodically manually update it yourself.

Download GeoBlocker Joomla PluginSign-up today to gain access to the plugin (v1.9.2 released 2013/11/29) and begin your subscription to the external server data feed. Also listed on The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED).

Change Log:

2012/01/03 - v1.0. Initial Release.
2012/02/05 - v1.1. Modified plugin to only check visitor's IP address once every 15 minutes instead on every page load to improve speed and lessen server loads. Also added option to allow OR block specific codes.
2012/02/06 - v1.2. Added ability to exclude IP addresses or IP address ranges from being checked.
2012/02/07 - v1.3. Bug fixes. Also released Joomla 1.6, 1.7, and 2.5 compatible version.
2013/01/01 - v1.4. Bug fixes. Added ability to block or allow access to certain URLs rather than the entire website.
2013/02/20 - v1.5. Bug fix related to the local server option when used with a GeoIP Country or GeoIP Region database file.
2013/03/10 - v1.6. Feature enhancement; added 'Pages to Exclude Restrictions' text box which can be used to exclude blocking on certain pages when the plug-in scope is set to 'Apply to Entire Joomla Website'.
2013/03/13 - v1.7. Bug fixes. Updated to allow for the integration with CloudFlare.
2013/05/04 - v1.8. Verified compatability with Joomla 3.1.1. Updated external server feed URL. Bug fixes related to timeouts and subscription expired error messages when plugin is unable to connect to external server feed URL.
2013/06/25 - v1.9. Added ability for API subscribed users to manually setup CRON job to periodically automatically download database locally. CRON job should run the plugins/system/GeoBlocker/cron.php file and plug-in parameters should be set as follows: Data Location: Local Server; Local Server – File Name: GeoIPCity.dat; Local Server – File Type: GeoIP City DB.
2013/11/05 - v1.9.1. Bug fixes to prevent warning messages from being displayed when PHP server configuration is set to verbose for both errors and warnings.
2013/11/29 - v1.9.2. Bug fixes related to Joomla 3.x and the functionality of applying the plugin to specific pages and excluding the plugin from specific pages.


GeoBlocker Joomla Plugin + Unlimited GeoIP Data Look-ups - $5.00/mo (or $48/yr) + $19.95 purchase fee.

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AlphaUserPoints CPALead Postback Joomla Plugin - $5.00 (instant download)

One of our web design clients had the need for a custom solution to integrate their CPALead advertising account with their Alpha User Points Joomla Component.  We searched around and could not find any good implementations of this, so we created one from scratch.  Here is an overview on how it works:  First, a user visits the website and registers for an account using the built-in Joomla registration procedure. Then they click on your CPALead widget (code for widget can be obtained via your CPALead Dashboard) and complete an offer.  Upon successful completion, CPALead notifies the plug-in and the plug-in gives the user their newly earned points!  Also, registering for a user account is not required.  If a guest tries to complete an offer, their points can be disregarded or be sent to a specified default user account (such as admin for example).  This plug-in also gives you the option of adding the AdBlockPlus checking script and JavaScript disabled checking script to each page of your website.

  • Full setup and installation instructions, including screen-shots of the back-end admin plug-n options can be found here.
  • Front-End Demo can be found here. (Create a user account, login, and click "Earn Points" at the top. Complete an offer and watch your available points grow.)
  • A CPALead account is required (click here to sign-up under us) and obviously AlphaUserPoints is also required.